Q: Where does the name Dimz come from? Does it have a meaning?

 When I first started, I used initials of my real name. As time goes by I needed a name, so I just combined alotta alphabets and it come out DIMZ. There's no meaning tho. 

Q: How did you first get into writing? What was the scene like when you started?

I started early 2004, there were alotta writers, but mostly focused on masterpieces and wall paintings. Only few were doing some tags, not many throw ups and real bombing. And it was hardly found in the streets.

Q: Is there a unique style in Seoul? Are there influences from other cities?

As I'm told most of them are really skilled. They are so focused on masterpieces maybe that's why. And the year 2017 is super easy to check out others through social networking. 

Q: Whats your favorite snack?

Fruit salad

Q: What is the current legality of graffiti in Seoul? Has it changed in recent years? How heavy is the buff?

If I throw up the train, I go to jail for 4 months. In the street depends on the situations.

Q: Favorite utensil or tool to carry around?

Uni Marker best ever

Q: Any writer you would want to write with, dead or alive?

Of course there are alotta people I want to collab with but I believe in faith so I focus on my people first.

Q: What crews do you rep? Anyone you'd like to should out?

Lfk, m2d, nfs. Cozone, ocnsm, 4black, cider, oska, spiv, tazer, bags, skuh, zerosy, gos, gong, ceaze, with, devas, dnz, chuneed, rukus, pay2, genoe, hereandnow, seret, enote, paeday, 8ballsword, skz