Q: Where are you originally from? 

Northern Bay Area

Q: What is the scene like there?

It was extremely classic, sad to say how much it's changed and will never be the same. But there are still a handful of us that know and keep the vibe alive. 

Q: What got you interested in graffiti?

Just seeing it driving thru San Francisco in the late 80s and then realizing what it was, I was instantly impressed, and that was at a real young age. I immediately loved how it looked. When I got a bit older again, skating bridged the gap

Q: What was your favorite city to visit and/or paint?

My favorite cities to visit and paint - SF, Sarajevo, Lisbon, Paris, and Budapest. I'd like to start spending more time in Seattle and New York. 

Q: When traveling what do you look for in a city besides graffiti?

When traveling in other cities and countries I tend to seek out old places, wether it be bars, ruins from who knows what, interesting scenic places to stop and appreciate for a bit. I like places near water. 

Q: What inspired you early on?

I'd attribute my early on inspiration directly thru skateboarding around 1992. Sick scene back then. 

Q: How do you like to waste time?

I have no time to waste

Q: Do you have a favorite cereal?

Count Chocula

Q: Did you write any names prior to Zeam?

I've been thru a number of names but nothing worth mentioning. Been holding this down since 1998