Q: What crews are you down with?


Q: Where do you draw inspiration from/who inspired you the most? Where do you get inspiration for your paintings?

No one single person or thing is responsible. I'm inspired by the things I see everyday. Music I hear, conversations I have, new places I visit ect...

Q: While we are on the topic, what's your favorite city? What's the scene like? Is there anywhere you want to visit that you haven't?

I don't have a favorite city, but I have favorite people, places, and things to do in different cities. Favorite memories... The watermelon and dumpster diving in Copenhagen was with Kegr. He is the best. The best best. So awesome. Amazing person.

Q: I wanted to ask, what convinced you to start doing Remy more frequently? Did Nemel influence that?

No I wrote that and a few other variations before we met. When we were both working for Twist we hung out, and he was definitely an influence on me. Remy is shorter and faster and that's ultimately the reason I write it more often. 

Q: What are your favorite labels and what got you into making stickers?

free ones. I got into stickers through collecting them as a kid. I have a big cardboard box full of stickers.. Can't throw them away. Cover my casket in stickers.

Q: What is your go-to snacks when bombing?

Almonds! It was dollar slices of pizza in Vancouver (early 2000's), and burritos in San Francisco (mid 2000's), and in Copenhagen it was dumpster diving water melon and fresh baked poppy seed buns. We got a lot of good food from the dumpsters in Copenhagen. 

Q: Lemon or lime?


Q: What is your zodiac sign?


Q: Favorite TV show as a kid?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Q: Where did you get the name Remio from, and did you write anything before that? How long have you been writing Remio for?

I wrote several names before I settled on Remio. I started writing band names; Frank Zappa: "Zap40" (Frank Zappas birth year, 1940), Sere, Trademark, Imer, Remi, and then I added the O. There was a guy who wrote Fatso in the town I lived in and he would flare his O's real big on the end of some of his tags. I thought it looked pretty rad. I've been interested in graffiti since the mid 80's. Didnt meet any other writers until the late 90s. 

Q: What is your favorite instant ramen?

Oriental Top Ramen!