Q: What are your favorite labels?

any label that's exclusive. The best growing up was the gray and white custom postal shipping labels from back in the day. I used to go through bricks of them. 

Q: How does the sticker scene in Japan compare to the sticker scene in the US?

Japan sticker scene is crazy a lot of the dudes put in heavy work. I'm certain that USA especially NYC layer down a blue print for them. They are definitely about saturation. Pending on area dudes go about placement in different ways. 

Q: Did you always write "Ader"?

No I started official writing Ader in the spring of 1991. It was taken from a British tv show called "the black Ader"

Q: Are Japanese girls' genitals actually pixelated?

I have yet to see that.

Q: What kind of socks do you wear?

Comfortable ones. Uniqlo Heat tech for the winter.

Q: What's your favorite instant ramen?

Chicken noodle one is the jump off.