Q: Where are you originally from?

From the Bay, tryna die here as well please. 

Q: Can you tell me about butts club a bit?

Butt's Club is a crew that originated back in 2012. Graffiti isn't the most accepting community for lady lurkers. I wanted to show my support for the game, and women in the graff game. I get bummed meeting girls that have drive and motivation to paint, but lack a support system.. I used to spray alone for years, but a few violent situations pushed me to create something bigger then just me. I have had a lot of adventures with my ladies that i'll remember till my dying days, and many more to come!!*

Q: What inspired you to start writing?

A: From the get, it was my elementary school job writing everyone's name in gel pens/milky pens/sharpies.. I found a love for letters, and wanted to be an egotistical fuck and write MY name on all the stuffs. A diagnosis from the doc in '09 forced me to halt the dboi lifestyle, and quit the vices that came with it. Graffiti was the one I help onto. Writing became the catalyst for setting up a better life for myself. I consider it one of the most positive forces that's helped shape my life.

Q: What is your favorite movie?

Miller's Crossing always comes to mind.. Fargo / / Die Hard

Q: What is your favorite pizza topping?

Oh pizza toppings*! pepperoncini

Q: Have you ever seen a ghost? If so can you tell me about it? 

I have a ghost that followed me for years. He was a business casual cowboy. Haven't seen him in a while tho, hope he's chill

Q: How did you come up with your name?

Chuneed was the catch phrase that went with the first name(s) I wrote. ended up liking it way more than anything else I ever did. Chu need' was just that slang from old life hustles. shout outs to the 707s that still be knowing!!*

Q: What crews are you in?

BFK us 1ls butts rtg ppmobb CBT LLC Map

Q: Who is your favorite writer? (PErsonal favorite as a person/favorite writer style wise)

Orfn. Orfn / / Orfn!! tag God / Vampire Wizard Soul brother. He could pull out any style. Most versatile man I've had the opprotunity to know. Everyday i miss spending time with him. 

I very much enjoy the homies FIASKO and RiZOT. Always comign with original funk and style.

I've always looked at Grey. Its jsut, fucking, good. AMAZE  / / / ESPO. 


Zombra, bomber king

Enero!! style wizard

2shea <3   JEANS my boi!!1!!*

Any ladies that really got the drive for the graff biz, please holler! and if anyone has walls to spray/money for stuff/ / free stickers,, I'm here. Pen Pals?!